Salk family of S Africa #general

Nancy C. Levin (Arbeiter) <Arbeiter@...>

What a small world it is....Ann Rabinowitz mentioned Solomon Salk >from S Africa and
Vilkomir in her last post. Solomon Salk and his extended family are directly tied
into my family >from Chelsea, Massachusetts. The Hirshon family of Chelsea
(mentioned on the manifest) is also directly related. The relationship is through
the females. (Florence Salk daughter of Michal Schur; Zlate Schur Hirshon; and
Rachel Schur Miller.)

I have done a lot of work on the Salk, Hirshon, and Lipp families of Chelsea and
anyone who has taken my beginner's workshop in past years may remember the Salk,
Hirshon, and Lipp family documents that I have used as examples.

Nancy C. Levin, CG (formerly Arbeiter)
Needham, MA

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