BARTAK/ALBERT family from Druya and later Hadera #belarus

Eilat Gordin Levitan

I am helping a friend in Australia research the BARTAK family >from Druya
Chaim Bartak son of Bentsion of Druya lived in Hadera until his death
in the late 1950s.All of his siblings left Druya c 1910. His younger
sister Chaya, gave birth to a son in Palestine in 1932. Her son- Levi
ALBERT- wrote to the family in Australia (in 1958), saying that he had
inherited his uncle Chaim's house, and that he had been in a
children's home in Haifa for 11 years until 'grown up', when he then
returned to Hadera. He since passed away. Hadera Chevra Kadisha, gave
the row and plot number of the graves of Chaya, her husband, her son
and her brother, as well as all their dates of birth and death. there
was a sibling of Levi Albert, that was unknown to the family. If
anyone has more information please get in touch with me.

Eilat Gordin Levitan
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