Re: burial of infants, babies, and children #general

A. E. Jordan writes:
when visiting old cemetery plots, in addition to looking in the remainder of the
plot for other relatives, to look in the children's section for cousins and
great-great aunts and uncles who may have died as children, and then also check
with the cemetery office for children who may have been buried without a marker.

I would also add in when visiting old plots remember that not all of them were
always done as "family sections" versus individual graves. Where my great
grandparents were buried the synagogue plot obviously originally started with a
section for women, a separate section of men and of course a third place for
children. So the earliest graves are very much in date order and then later they
let the husbands and wives be buried side by side. The change came somewhere
between 1900 when a great aunt was buried and 1920 when my great grandparents were

Also when looking at the really old plots that buried in date order remember that
the graves are done right to left (at least in the ones I saw at Washington in

Allan Jordan

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