Looking for Dvora Glaser #austria-czech

arie meir

Hi to all of you

I decided to give up. It is now more than fifteen years that I
am looking for my grandfather's daughter Dvora GLASER but
with no response.
It is now my last try and here are the details:

My grandfather Chaim GLASER lived in Przemysl before the second world war.
He had a daughter called Dvora (Dora or Dova), who was born in 1927.
The last time my family heard >from them was in 1939.
Chaim Glaser was married to my grandmother Helena-Chaya in Vienna.
In the early twenties he got divorced, left Vienna and moved to Przemysl
(Poland), got married a second time in the year 1926 to Rachella STOLZBERG
and had this one daughter.

In 1939 he was about 43 years old and she was 12 years old.

In case any one of the readers can help me finding what happened to them
please be so kind to inform me inform me.

To your knowledge. The information in "Yad Vashem" is
just a guess and not based on any information .


Arieh Mayer
Haifa Israel

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