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I don't have a straight answer for you, but I can make a couple of

It's always better to provide as much information as you have. For
instance, given your ggf's name and date of arrival, it would be
possible to look up his manifest and check your reading of the town's
name. Or you might want to post an image of the manifest to ViewMate,
so others can try to decipher the name.

As for the name itself, given that Transylvania (the border region
between Hungary and Romania) is famous for mining, the second part,
"bany" is probably >from the Hungarian "banya", meaning mine. "Hun"
might just refer to Hungarian, but as it happens, there is also a
formerly Hungarian county, Hunyad, and at least one town in Hunyad,
Korosbanya (Romanian: Baia de Cris), that might be a suspect. In
addition, there are several dozen Romanian towns listed on transindex
whose former Hungarian names contain "banya". (It's also a possibility
that the name is abbreviated, either intentionally because it was long,
or because the official recording the information had difficulty with it.)

For looking up place names, the 1913 gazetteer at
and the index of Hungarian place names at are good places to start.

And it's always a good idea to post questions to the Romanian (and
Hungarian) special interest groups, where you might find more specialized

....... tom klein, toronto

"Albert Brookenthal" <> wrote:

Dear JewishGen members: I have been looking for the village - shtetl - town
Hunbany, Romania for many many years. I have checked in very old Atlases' at
the Library, I have checked on the Internet, and have checked with members
at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Michigan. I found no information on
maps, on the Internet or >from any Genealogical Societies. I have received
possible locations and different names for this village, shtetl or town. The
name of this place was on my great grandfather ship manfest. Does any
JewishGen member know anything about this village-shtetl-town??? Has anybody
ever heard this village-shtetl-town name?? I am now 82 years old and after
15 years, I am slowing down on my researching.

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