GOLDHAMER, Batizovce, Slovakia-->Toronto #general

John Freeman

I am researching the family of Albert and Margaret GOLDHAMER who emigrated
from Batizovce, Slovakia in late 1890s along with daughter Anna. They
eventually had 4 sons, 2 of whom were born in Ontario, and the family lived
for the most part in Toronto >from 1910 to 1994. I have not been able to
locate the birth records of the older 2 sons Sol (also spelled Saul and
maybe originally Zoltan) and Charles. Family lore, as well as their own
biographies and obituaries, has these 2 as born in Philadelphia in 1901 and
1903 respectively, but I haven't been able to verify that. Similarly I have
not been able to find actual immigration/arrival records, which supposedly
were circa 1900 to US and 1905 to Canada. Any assistance would be

Jack Freeman

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