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Ben Forman <ben.forman@...>

Hi Genners

For the truly addicted genealogists amongst us (which I guess is
probably all of us) I recently started looking to see if there were
any mobile Genealogy programs for my new Google phone. I found two
for those of us with Google Android based phones:

FamilyBee: Which costs $10.00. The blurb says - "An industrial
strength family tree browser. Allows viewing of all details for
individuals and families in GEDCOM genealogy files. Fast, robust,
and complete. Tested on files up to 20MB (65,000 names)."

AGeneDB: Which is free. The blurb says - "The first Genealogy
Application for Android. allows you to view the contents of gedcom
files. Shows the individuals, families and family tree."
I've tried this one and coudn't get it to work on my phone.

There seem to be several more for the iPhone which can be found by
googling "genealogy iPhone App" including "Shrubs", "FamViewer" and

I don't have any financial interest in any of these applications,
hope you find them useful.

Ben Forman
Manchester UK
searching: BENSON: Courland; BERNSTEIN/WEINER: Ylakai,
CAHN/WOLF: Koeln; FURMAN: Kaluszyn; GEVER: Daugavpils/Dvinsk;
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