Museum of Family History Update for May 2010 #general

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What's new at the Museum this month?

-- Ed Gruzin is a survivor of the Kovno Ghetto and Kaufering concentration
camp number one near Landsberg, Germany. Kaufering was one of the subcamps
of Dachau. He has written a biography of his life and has graciously given
permission to the Museum to make his story available to all of my museum
"visitors." You can read his story, as well as see some of his family
photographs, by clicking on

This is the Museum's first WIMS entry for Lithuania, and more are always

Please don't forget also to read Peter Kleinmann's memoirs at Peter is >from Munkacs.

-- For those of you who missed the Museum's showing of five short films of
Coney Island (>from 1905 through 1952), you can now see them at your leisure,
as they have become part of the Museum's Coney Island exhibition.

-- Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Queens, New York, has now put online over 17,000
of the burials of nearby Knollwood Park Cemetery, as it has assumed the
supervisory capacity. I can't say whether these are all the burials there,
but you might like to use its searchable database. Be forewarned that most
of the pre-2001 burials do not list either dates of burial or death and
simply list the date using their default setting of 1/01/1900. Knollwood
Park is their section 5; Hungarian Union Field Cemetery, which they have
taken over, is their section 4 though it has been brought to my attention
that only a portion of these burials are included in their searchable

--On the virtual second floor of the Museum there exists a room dedicated to
the great cantors who once graced not only us but also our ancestors with
their glorious voices. Please visit "The Great Cantors" room at and listed (and at times see)
Cantors Rosenblatt, Koussevitzky, Hershman, Sirota, Kwartin and Roitman, not
to mention Cantors Richard Tucker (also the great tenor) and Moyshe Oysher
(who also starred in Yiddish films).

--Film Series: For the remaining few days (through this coming Sunday), you
can see two short films about the Nazi death camps. You can find the links
to these two short films by visiting the Museum's Film Series webpage at . There will be more short films
to see including some created by Tomasz (Tomek) Wisniewski. Check the Film
Series page in the coming days to learn of what is available for viewing.

--Sorry to say that I currently have no plans to attend this July's IAJGS
Conference in Los Angeles, but I'd encourage those of you who could to
attend. Even though I won't see any of you then, I hope that you'll feel
free to contact me with any questions, about any materials you'd like to
submit, etc.

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Steven Lasky

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