Solomon COHEN in Leeds, UK #general

Angie Elfassi

I am looking for info about Solomon COHEN >from Leeds, UK. He was
born abt. 1926 - dont know where. His father was Jack COHEN and
his mother Fanny. He was married to Rose B. SHANK. Although they
married in 1946 in Leeds (registary office), it would appear
(according to the copy) that they may have only registered the
marriage in 1949 because on the certificate it says "Pursuant to
the marriage act 1949". This may coincide with when they divorced.

COHEN (according to the marriage certificate was 20 in 1946) and
was living at the time of marriage in *** Mexborough Drive,
Leeds 7 and the bride Rose (who was 22) lived at *** Harehills
Lane, Leeds 9.

Their mariage in the Registrar's office was witnessed by Lena SHANK
and Fanny COHEN - the mothers' of the couple.

The couple had one child who was born Oct 1947.

I have tried doing a search also on the JewishGen but cant find any info.

What Im trying to find is:
Is Solomon still alive?
Does he have any siblings?
Did he remarry - he was married to Rose for a short period of time.
Did he have more children?

Cohen is such a difficult surname ............... :-(

If anyone would like to see a copy of the marriage certificate, I
can send it privately.

Thanks in advance
Angie Elfassi

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