Opportunities in Dunilovichi #belarus

Susan Weinberg

When I was recently in Vilnius, I made a copy of the 1834 census for
Dunilovichi. There are 375 entries and about 60 names. There is a small
cost to translate it in order to put it out on the All Belarus Database. If
you are interested in contributing to this effort, please contact me

Also in my travels, I visited the Dunilovichi cemetery which was almost
impossible to navigate safely because it was so overgrown. We have an
opportunity to work with the Jewish Heritage Research Group of Belarus to
arrange for an annual clean-up of the cemetery. They would cut the grass
and lift the stones. We are fortunate that there is an intact cemetery in
this shtetl as so many others have been destroyed. Please contact me
privately if you would like to participate in this effort.

Susan Weinberg
Edina, Minnesota

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