WEIL, Eschwege to Capetown and Dessau; #general

Reuven Mohr

Dear jewishgen group,

A new branch opened up on my WEIL tree lately, and FTJP has no results:

Heinrich WEIL, born 29 Oct 1845 in Frankenthal, Palatinate, my
ggrandfather's brother, had a family unknown to me till this week.

He married Henriette KATZENSTEIN, (b. 20 Feb 1849 in Eschwege) and
they had children Eduard (b.1876 in Ludwigshafen) and Oscar / Oskar
(b.1877 in Ludwigshafen). In 1878 they moved to Eschwege, Hesse, where
Ernst was born in 1880; Ernst moved back to Mannheim in 1899.

Eduard married Hedwig GOLDMANN (b.1884 Eschwege) and they had sons
Edgar and Alfred. Both later emigrated to Capetown, SA.

Oskar / Oscar married Eva LEVY (b.1891 Dessau) and they had Susi Amalie
and Paul Helmut. In 1921 the family moved >from Eschwege to Dessau.

I'd appreciate any additional information about this family.

Reuven Mohr
Jerusalem, Israel

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