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Steve Luxenberg

Dear Genners,

While speaking around the country at various Jewish Genealogical Societies, I've
had a chance to talk with many members of this listserv. Mindful of the good rule
allowing authors a one-time mention of a new book, several have urged me to let
Genners know of the paperback publication of my award-winning book, "Annie's
Ghosts: A Journey Into a Family Secret."

Calling the book "a great non-fiction read for genealogists," Jan Alpert,
president of the National Genealogical Society, wrote in the society's July
newsletter: "Steve Luxenberg discloses his interview techniques in the book,
which may help you in conducting oral interviews. Annie's Ghosts will provide
you with different ways to look at some of your research problems."

At my talks for genealogical societies in New York City, Orlando, San Diego,
Michigan and Ventura County, Calif., attendees were particularly interested in
how I used "Morning Reports" to reconstruct my father's Army whereabouts in
World War II. (Morning Reports are describe the daily comings and goings of
personnel in each Army unit.)

While no substitute for personnel records (most WWII Army personnel records
were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the St. Louis facility), the Morning Reports
do provide leads that might be helpful. Similarly, the VA may have records for
WWII soldiers who received a disability discharge soldiers. Neither the VA records
nor the Morning Reports were among the records destroyed in the fire.

"Annie's Ghosts" tells the true story of how my mother hid the existence of a
disabled sister. I use genealogical techniques to understand my mother's
motivations, to reconstruct my aunt's unknown life and to describe the social
forces at work. The book was named to the Washington Post's Best Books of 2009
list and honored as a Michigan Notable Book for 2010. It has been featured on
NPR's All Things Considered, in Parade Magazine and widely reviewed in major

Available at all bookstores and >from online book sellers.

For more information, including documents and photos of genealogical interest,
please visit my website,

Steve Luxenberg
Baltimore, Md.

MODERATOR NOTE: This is a one-time commercial mention of a book which may be of
genealogical interest

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