Benveniste family of Narbonne, Aragon and Castile #general

Graham <grahammilne001@...>

Does anyone have any information on the genealogy of the BENVENISTE
family of Narbonne, who are later found in Aragon and Castile, and
particularly the links between these branches? An Abraham Benveniste
was Court Rabbi under Juan II of Castile and several were referred to
as 'Nasi' ('Prince'), including Sheshet Benveniste of Narbonne (d.
about 1209). Is there any link between the Benveniste family and the
Todros/Kalonymos family of Narbonne?

See for
further info, which says that Sheshet Benveniste and Nasi Kalonymus b.
Todros corresponded.

PS One of my ancestors Don Abraham Senior of Castile (1412-1493) is
described by Heinrich Graetz in his 'History of The Jews' (Vol. IV p.
228) as 'an influential Jew, Abraham Benveniste, surnamed Senior'. I
think this identification is incorrect (it equates Don Abraham with
Abraham Benveniste, Court Rabbi under Juan II) but Abraham Senior may
well have been a member of the Benveniste family in any event (Abraham
Benveniste the Court Rabbi had son Abraham, called Abraham Benveniste
the Elder, and a grandson Abraham).

Graham Milne

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