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Kirsten Gradel wrote on 22 mei 2010 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

I have an ancestor who arrived in UK 1855. assuming the name Mark
ABRAHAMS, for fear of Russian military acc. to his Nat. papers.

I heard about him >from family but rather despaired of ever finding him
with that rather common name. However, when at Kew looking for
Naturalizations for my Prashner/Prasznicer family I suddenly saw this
PRASZNICER, Mark Abraham(known as Mark ABRAHAMS) Nat. cert. 1904. I
was "high" when I left Kew that day.
Searching online in the London Gazette of 3 January 1905. Page 39 and 40 of
144, also gives you most of this information:

LIST of ALIENS to Whom Certificates of Naturalization or- of Readmission to
British Nationality have been granted by the Secretary of State* who have
taken the Oath of Allegiance, and whose Certificates have been registered
in the Home Office during the Month of November, 1904.

Prasznicer, Mark Abraham (known as Abrahams, Mark)
Date of taking Oath of Allegiance: 28th November, 1904
Place of Residence: Middlesex, 232, Willesden-lane, Brondesbury

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