"Science News" Article, "Tracing Jewish Roots" #general

Arlene Spencer <arlene.spencer@...>

Dear JewishGen Discussion Group Members:

I thought that I'd share this a Science News article, "Tracing Jewish
Roots" by Tina Hensman Saey that was published to the web, today. The
link is:


Arlene Falkin
Bend, Oregon

Researching: HARA >from Balat neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey and
Seattle, Washington and Petkah Tikva, Israel; LEVY >from Balat
neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey; FISSE or FIS >from Isle of Rhodes,
Greece; COHN >from Isle of Rhodes, Greece; ROSEN or RODIN >from Targa
Frumos, Romania and Brooklyn, New York; HELLER >from Minsk, and
Belarus; FALKIN >from Kovno, Lithuania and Brooklyn, New York

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