Please help me find my SIEGEL relatives #general

Roberta Apte

I am having a very difficult time finding this side of my tree. My
pgf was Samuel B. SIEGEL b. 8/4/1902 -- (NY) d.1/26/83 (FL.)

According to his birth certificate, his father was Abram SIEGEL, born
in "Russia" in about 1869, mother Rose SCHWEITZER, also born in
"Russia" about 1874. Abram died in the Flu epidemic of 1918-19
according to family history. Rose remarried a man by the name of
Nathan GOLD. I have no other information on this marriage. Abram and
Rose had other children; daughters, Shirley/Sophie( married name
Herman), Mollie/Mae, married twice -- first husband, Willie a
maintenance man on Rose's property on Coney Island, then Hymie, a
butcher. Etta, married to Archie (Ruberman?) no children, and Anna
(Borak) died in childbirth, daughter survived, named Anna.

My gf's birth certificate lists 199 Forsyth St, Manhattan, as his
residence. It also says that he was the fourth child.

I know that Rose owned and ran a "resort" on Coney Island, renting out
one room studio type apartments.

The only other address I have is for Etta and Archie-
350 Lefferts Ave in Brooklyn where they lived for a long time. I
don't know if Rose lived there or not.

Please reply privately to

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Roberta Slome Apte
Marietta, GA, USA

SIEGEL(Russia,unknown) more to come.

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