Help with Russian translation #belarus



I have posted a document in Russian and I would appreciate any help in
translating it:

It is, I believe, a document granting power of attorney to my
grandfather, Joseph Adams, >from his sister Esther Naumovna Adunskaya,
in 1937. Some of you may recall that last month I posted three photos
of my grandfather >from resorts in the Caucuses; many thanks to
everyone who helped with identifying those locations. The current
document stems >from the same research. My great-uncle (E.N Adunskaya's
husband) was arrested and shot during the purges in 1936. She was
arrested in 1938, about a year after this document was written, and
sent to a labor camp. She survived, was exiled, and was eventually
rehabilitated. She had two children, whose fates are unknown.

I would be grateful for any help you can provide with the translation.

On a related issue, I found an address for my family while they were
in Moscow, but I can't find out anything about it: 2/7 Sirotsky
Perelok, Apt 89, Moscow. Does this ring any bells? I realize Moscow
streets may have changed sine the 1930s, but any help here too would
be great.

Final note: several of you asked that I post anything I learn about
Jews (and others) who returned to the Soviet Union to work during the
1930s. There is an excellent book that I recommend called The
Forsaken, by Tim Tzouliadis, published in 2008. It is is the most
comprehensive treatment of the subject I have found.

Best regards,

Jonathan Adams
Rockville, MD
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