Prussian Jew MARCUS BERKMAN 1814 #general

Craig Berkman <berkcj@...>


I live in Australia and I'm looking for ancestors who were Jews in Prussia around

My great great grandfather MARCUS BERKMAN was born in 1813 or 1814 in Berlin. I
believe his parents were Noah and Maria Berkman or Birkman. Marcus was transported
as a convict to Australia in 1834 and subsequently became a business man in
Warwick, Queensland, about a 2 hour drive south west of Brisbane.

I hope to be in Berlin in about April 2011 and would like to do further research
but in the meantime I am looking for a way of confirming Marcus's parents. I don't
know their birth dates and I don't know Maria unmarried name.

Is there a central record in Berlin which might contain the information I am
looking for?

kind regards.

Craig Berkman

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