Re: Is "Daughter of Zion" a Messianic Jewish Epitaph? #general

tom klein <bossman@...>

Although the phrase seems to be more common among evangelical Christians these
days, its biblical origins and historical use are quite Jewish. for example,
<> tells the story of the "Daughters of
Zion" formed in New York in 1912, which in 1914 became the better known "Hadassah"

tom klein, toronto

ps. the term "Messianic Jew" is a polite euphemism for "?Christian missionary".

"Ellen Shindelman Kowitt" <grapevynwest@...> wrote:
I have been asked if the phrase "Daughter of Zion" would be used on a 2002
gravestone (written in English and Hebrew) as a phrase that distinguishes a
messianic Jew?

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