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I am researching our ancestor Louis RUBENSTEIN.

Louis RUBENSTEIN was born about 1840, we believe in Germany or Russia. He married
Henrietta PEARLSTEIN about 1860 in Germany. They came to the US after their first
two daughters, Carrie and Lena, were born in Europe and before Rachel Rose
RUBENSTEIN was born, in Chicago, IL. That would put them coming here ~ 1867.

We believe Henrietta died in childbirth with son Maurice ~ 1880.

Of course, I am interested in Louis and Henrietta's birth and marriage place and
date, parents; all about them prior to their arrival in the U.S.

But, in this post, I am searching for specific clues to discover what happened to
Louis; Where did he go, did he marry again, where did he die, etc. I hope someone
can shed some light here.

1880 Fed Chicago Census at Jefferson Street: (check surname spelling?)
Louis RUBENSTIEN 40 Germany
Yetta RUBENSTIEN 38 Germany
Lena RUBENSTIEN 18 Germany
Rachel RUBENSTIEN 13 Illinois
Annie RUBENSTIEN 10 Illinois
Isaac RUBENSTIEN 8 Illinois
Jacob RUBENSTIEN 5 llinois
Samuel RUBENSTIEN 3 Illinois

Their first daughter, Carrie, in the 1880 Chicago Census, is living with her
husband George Lewis, and she reports that she is 40 (born 1860) and came to the
U.S. 1867 >from Russia. And, Maurice must not have been born yet that year (1880).

And, I "believe" I have him in the 1900 Fed Census, on Maxwell Street, Chicago, in
a crowded tenement house. But, we haven't found them in the 1870 census (Louis,
Yetta, Lena, Rachel, and maybe Annie?). Maybe they're in Chicago . . . but also
maybe they were somewhere else?

Finally I am eager to find Louis in the 1910 Chicago census. We don't know where
is died, buried, etc.

So, it would be terrific if someone could check these two census's: 1870 and 1910
for our Louis and family.

Thank you.

Dan Henderson, New Orleans, La. dan.henderson@...

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