JGS Sacramento Jun 21 Meeting #general


Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento

Topic: Digging It. Researching Genealogy Out of the Box.
Speaker: Marilyn Ulbricht
When: Monday, June 21, 2010, 7 p.m..
Where: Albert Einstein Residence Center, 1935 Wright St., Sacramento, CA

Marilyn Ulbricht will connect our family history and genealogy with archeology and
anthropology. Marilyn is the current president of Root Cellar, the Sacramento
Genealogical Society. She has a degree in anthropology with a subspeciality in
archeology and history. Marilyn often combined both disciplines when she worked
on historical archeology sites or conducted research in Sacramento and the
surrounding counties.

By using more than just genealogy to do research, Marilyn says one can arrive at
other conclusive evidence by researching outside the box and may just help you get
through that brick wall.

The June 21 meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Albert Einstein Residence Center,
1935 Wright St., Sacramento.

For more information about the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento,
visit www.jgss.org (http://www.jgss.org) , e-mail the JGSS at
jgs_sacramento@... or leave a message at 916-486-0906 ext. 361.

All are welcome to attend and to use the JGSS library collection.

Bob Wascou

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