Unser Wien "Our Vienna"- reference book #general

Deborah HOLMAN

This may be a long-shot, but why not ask, right? I am interested in locating a copy
of the book "Unser Wien" co-authored by Stephan Templ and Tina Walzer. >from what I
have read, the book includes listings of Viennese businesses that were aryanized in
1938-39. I am attempting to learn more about my mother's family's business "LITAL"
which was owned by my g-grandfather Sigmund LICHTENTHAL. I don't need to own the
book, just would like to know what information may be contained. Amazon.com prices
it at $100+ - way more than I can spend! There does not seem to be any available
through my state interlibrary loan program.

Deb Holman in CT

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