Seeking Ellis Island manifest #general

Eva Blanket

On numerous occasions, I have been desperately searching, for my great-uncle
Henry HERMAN/N's (or possibly Chaim HERMAN/N) original ship's manifest on
the Ellis Island Database but cannot find it at all. He originated from
Bereg county in Austro-Hungary.

On his USA 'Petition for Naturalization', he states that he first arrived
in the Port of New York sailing >from Hamburg, Germany on the 1st December,
1906 having sailed on the 'Graf Waldersee' vessel. I am wondering if there
would be another means of finding out any information as to the whereabouts
of his manifest. As I live in Australia and are unable to go to the Ellis
Island Archives, I am wondering if they would have other details that are
not on the computer database?

After a few years in New York, Henry did travel back to his original country
and arrived again in New York in 1912.....I was able to find this manifest
but it is the original one that I would like to get.

Any assistance or thoughts would be much appreciated.

Sydney, Australia

DAVIDOVI/TS/C - Szinevir + Chust, Ukraine formerly Czechoslovakia
HERMAN/N - Nisni (Also) Verecky/Nisni Vorota, Ukraine formerly
WEIS/S - Talamas + Hukliva (Zugo), Ukraine formerly Czechoslovakia
BLANK/ET/IET - Lodz + environs, POLAND

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