Re: Insurmountable Brick Wall? #general

Laurel Singer <lesinger04@...>

Because there have been several recent postings about the difficulty of
finding passenger manifests, I thought I would share a couple of successes I
have had, where I thought I had hit a brick wall.

In one case I was looking for a record for Moses Wolpert, using It turns out that the name was mis-indexed as Mores Wolgiert.
Therefore my "starts with" searches didn't work. I found the correct record
by finally looking at the Hamburg outgoing passengers, because they had a
better index. Similarly, I had failed to find a manifest for Rebecca Heller
(whose name was also incorrect at, but found her on the list
of UK outgoing passengers. In both cases, once I knew the date and ship
name, I was then able to find the mis-indexed US manifest.

- So,.. check as many sources as are available, in case one is indexed
correctly and the other isn't.

In another case I had been looking in vain for "Sarah Siff/Siev/Ziv." I
finally realized that the German spelling might be Siw. I still couldn't
find the name, so I wrote it down as badly as I could write it, and went
through the possible ways that it could have been indexed - Siu, Swi,.. and
finally found it listed under Sara Sin.

- So,... try to imagine how the record might be indexed if it was scribbled.

- And of course never limit your search just because the family story, or
other records, said that they arrived in a certain port or in a specific

Laurel Singer
San Ramon, CA

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