Seeking missing US ships manifests: SPIEGEL and SCHWARTZ, Hungary #general


Hi folks, I would love the expert help of this list in finding the
manifests of my great-grandparents. I have not been able to locate

Ggf Morton SPIEGEL was born May 1883 in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.
According to census documents, he immigrated 1904. He married Pauline
SCHWARTZ in NYC in December 1905 and lived at 290 Stanton Street at
that time. Morton was a carpenter.

Morton's parent's were Joszef SPIEGEL and Ezter KLEIN. A married
Josef/Joseph and Ester SPIEGEL >from Hungary, about the right age,
immigrate separately in 1906. Three of their sons also immigrate in 1904-6 -
Alexander b 1876, Adolf b 1887, Nathan b 1892 - and join another brother,
Isidor, who is already here by 1904. Adolf's home on his manifest looks
like Nyiregyhaza. The others put other towns - Budapest, "Orvich".

I don't know if this is the same family or not, but I'm intrigued by
the Joseph and Ester, possibly >from Nyiregyhaza, who could be my
gg-gps. (Though none of the relatives or addresses on these manifests
link to my family.) If my Morton is going to brother Isidor or
Alexander in 1904, then I've greatly expanded my tree...

My ggm Pauline/Paula SCHWARTZ was born about 1886. According to census
documents, she arrived in either 1902 or 1904. Her parents back in
Hungary - shtetl unknown - were Morris SCHWARTZ born abt 1860 + Jettie
ROTHMAN born abt 1860. I don't know if they also immigrated or not.
She also had a sister Celia who came about 1908. In December 1905,
Pauline lived at 139 "Goereb" Street, which no longer exists if it was
a real street name then.

Thank you for any assistance!

Nancy Shaw, Berkeley, CA
Researching: AUSFRESSER (Horodenka, Ukraine); BERKOWER (Potochyshche /
Latacz, Ukraine); BERKOWITZ (Iasi, Romania); BRECHER (Galicia);
FELDMAN (Iasi, Romania); HERSHKOWITZ (Galicia); KALICHSTEIN (Galicia);
KLEIN (Nyregyhza, Hungary); LADENHEIM (Zaleszczyki, Ukraine);
ROSENKRANZ (Potochyshche / Latacz, Ukraine); SCHWARTZ (Hungary);
SHARFSTEIN (Galicia); SPIEGEL (Nyregyhza, Hungary)

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