Re: Insurmountable Brick Wall? #general


To add to Laurel's suggestions for finding ancestors on manifests >from my
own experiences...

One family member's name was Rachel SPORN. She came to America in the
1920's with her older married sister, whose last name was MASSLER. Her name on
the manifest is "Sporn Massler." Luckily, she was still alive and could
tell me exactly when she came! So it is possible that the error is actually on
the manifest and not even a transcription error!

Other examples -- Max RICHTER came as Marous Hofrichter. Since his Hebrew
name was Mordechai I have no idea where the Marous came from. And he is
from Husatyn which Ancestry has transcribed as Hunatyne.
I also have a Naturalization document >from a relative that gives ship name
and date. He used his "Americanized" name not the one he sailed with, but
he was no where on the mainfest. Turns out he just had the wrong year...I
found him on the ship with his original name Shmuel not Samuel (that was an
easy one) one year later than claimed.

So the short answer is - make absolutely no assumptions when trying to
find names on manifests!

Regards to all,
Judi Gyori Missel

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