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Sylvia Furshman Nusinov

"Never underestimate the power of JewishGen": the online Discussion Group
has proven once again to be the catalyst in finding an invaluable piece of
information to add to my research of my maternal ancestry!

Several Genners may recall my posting several weeks ago:
<As another note to add to this discussion of WWI burials of Jewish
soldiers:My maternal Grandmother's brother - age 18, who had emigrated >from
Austria several years prior to joining the National Guard, was drafted and killed
<in action in 1918, during the Battle of the Argonne, and had been buried in
<After several years of red-tape, and at the request of my Grandmother, his
<body was finally shipped to the United States and laid to rest in a Jewish
<Cemetery - in the family plot in Baltimore.
<At my request, I received a packet of copies of the entire procedure
<{documented by the U.S. Government - including all of my Uncle's Army
<records, and a copy of the heart-breaking letter written by my

A fellow Genner, Michael Kaltman, amongst others, emailed me for additional
information on how I found the information and after my reply, he offered me
another good research resource.
Living near D.C., Mr. Kaltman told me he had visited the Library of
Congress, after reading of a 3 volume work in their holdings:
"Soldiers of the Great War", a compilation of photographs of soldiers who
had fought in World War 1.

I immediately phoned the Library of Congress, 202-707-5537, and was directed
to their catalogue center, where an extremely nice Librarian gave me the
call # for the title I was looking for, and transferred my call to the
research center.
I was asked to place my request for my Uncle's photo in an email to
and to include the call # of the books: D609.U6S6

I received an acknowledgement the day following my online query, >from Ask a

5 days later, I received an email >from a Reference Librarian:
<<Thank you for your inquiry, Sylvia! I have found a photo of your great
Uncle, Maurice Awner, in the book Soldiers of the Great War. I will send a
copy of it to you in the mail.>>

3 days later - last Saturday, I received the photo! When I opened the
envelope and looked at the picture - small as it was [since it was printed
on a page with 20 others] I was absolutely thrilled to see the resemblance
to my Grandmother and her surviving sibling!

I had never seen a photo of my Great Uncle - this was the first time!!!

I wanted to share this research "plum" with all of you - and hope you are
all as fortunate as Mr. Kaltman and I, in "putting a face" to an ancestor!!!

Thanks again to JewishGen, and to the Library of Congress!


Sylvia Furshman Nusinov
President Emerita
Genealogical Workbook Editor

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