New book: Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy #general

Gary Mokotoff <mokotoff@...>

Avotaynu has just published a completely rewritten version of its very
popular "Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy." The original work, published
in 1999, sold more than 2,000 copies. If you are starting out in your quest
to know more about your family history or are trying to convince someone
that it is possible for them to trace their Jewish roots, this is the book.
It is low cost and gives an overview of Jewish genealogical research.

The new book is substantially different >from its predecessor. There is
greater emphasis on using the Internet, a resource that blossomed in this
past decade. JewishGen has its own chapter, and there is a chapter regarding
a resource that did not come onto the genealogy scene until 2001: Stephen P.
Morse One-Step site.

Special focus is given to two complaints commonly uttered by neophytes: (1)
My name was changed at Ellis Island, and (2) I do not know where my family
came from.

The new version is titled "Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy: 2010
Edition." It is Avotaynu's intention to update the book every year, because
advances in genealogy are coming so rapidly that there is a need for
continual updates. This approach is made possible because of a new
technology in printing called Print-On-Demand. Sometime in December 2010, we
will publish an updated version: "Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy: 2011
Edition." Every December thereafter there will be an updated version.

The book is deliberately small-only 92 pages (which is 25% larger than its
predecessor)-to keep the price low. It is a getting started book, not a
beginners guide. A beginners guide would take hundreds of pages. It is
filled with illustrations-35 in total. People getting started don't want to
merely know what to do. They want to see examples.

The Table of Contents plus ordering information can be found at

Gary Mokotoff

MODERATOR NOTE: This is a one-time commercial mention of a book which may be of
genealogical interest

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