Re: Another puzzle #general

sharon yampell

Just keep in mind that there was no H in the cyrilic language so they used
a G so in all likelihood you have two family members who share a common ancestor.

Sharon Yampell

Alexandrowitz....(Volovitch) Wolovitz/Wolovitz---Borzna Chernigov
Distelfeld/Distenfeld....Lessing/Lessig---Dorna Vatra Campulung
Jampolsky---Odessa; Dorolotzsky---Kiev; Buchalter/Horwitz---Kinev

David Schreiber wrote:
"While looking for information on a maternal great uncle by the name of Jacob
HOOKAYLO who lived much of his life in New Jersey and died in Los Angeles I ran
cross a Jacob GUCAILO (also spelled Gukailo and Gukaila) who lived in Saint Paul
Minnesota. ...."

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