Re: NYC marriage certificate #general

Ira Leviton

Dear Cousins,

Jim Gutterman asked about getting a New York City marriage certificate
from the 1940's.
New York City marriage indexes, but not certificates, through 1950
(or maybe 1951) are at the Municipal Archives. The indices >from about
1938 to 1950/1 were transferred there four or five years ago, and to my
knowledge there are no microfilms or other copies of these years anyplace
else. I checked on the Archives' web site and could not find any mention
that they have these indices - it only gives information about the marriage
certificates themselves.

I don't know if Jim lives in or near New York City, but if so, he should
go to the Municipal Archives at 31 Chambers Street to look at the indices,
and then to the City Clerk for the certificate.

The indices are on microfilm, and are cumbersome to search. The last time
I was at the Municipal Archives was over a year ago - if I remember correctly,
they sorted by borough, first letter of the surname, for every quarter of
the year, and for each borough. So if you don't know the borough, you have
to look at 20 lists per year (OK, only 16 without Staten Island, and
since I never looked at those, they might be more compact anyway).
And they're not alphabetical - all the A's are lumped together, so the
entire page has to be carefully scanned.

Ira Leviton
New York, N.Y.

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