Re: Looking for location of Kutuz Brezza. #general

Diane Jacobs

Dear Rita,

The location is most likely Kartuz Bereza (Byaroza today) also known as
Bereza Kartuska. There is much on this town where my grandfather
David Glazer (b. Galosshoff) came >from and you can find it on Bereza is located in Pruzhany District of
Grodno gubernia, not far >from the eastern Polish Border in what is now

You will find on Steve's website a map >from the 1993 KB Memorial Book
Which lists family members by houses. Also, pictures of Kartuz Bereza
and other items. You can also check on CPSA (Children of Pruzhany
& Surrounding Areas for information on Bereza.

Also, check Jewishgen JGFF for people who have family >from there.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

I have just made contact with a possible relative in UK.
She tells me that she has a photo of her grandparents with the
location Kutuz Brezza written on the back.

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