Re: Concentration Camp Victim Research- Beginner Questions for Experienced Researchers #general

Gershon Markowitz <gershontikunim@...>

There are records with these names at Go to the
database of victims names, advanced search. Enter the town name and family

Gershon Markowitz

Larry Ward wrote:

In the course of genealogy research on my own (non-Jewish) and my wife's(Jewish)
families, I came across a family record of a family of 7 who all died in
"concentration camp"... I have their names, but besides that, nothing else.
They are Moshe and Taube (Friedlander) Gottesman, and children Lola, Gustav,
Isidore, Rosa, and Bertha...
Where does one find documentation >from camps that can be researched? Any advice,
links, recommendations would be most welcome. Thankyou!

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