Re: Town Name like Sacsisne? #general


Elayne: Maybe Sakoszczyzna in Belarus.

David Rosen

On 7/19/2010 7:48 PM, Denkers wrote:
On July 20, 1913, my grandfather's brother Zadok EBER came to my gf in
Connecticut. The ship "Kursk" manifest states in one box that his
residence was "Sacsisne (Minsk Gub)." But in another box it is
spelled "Zacsisnoje" I've tried but failed to come up with anything
like this town name. I assume it is somewhere near Borisov (Barysau)
where my gf Yitzchak EBER was born. Any ideas of what the correct
place name and where this town could be? I've tried JewishGen shtetl
finder with variants but had no success. Thanks for any suggestions.

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