Three more films about Jewish life in Belarus now available to you #belarus


A week ago I announced to the Belarus SIG group that I had put online within
the virtual Museum of Family History ten short films produced by Bialystok
native Tomek Wisniewski, two of which were about towns and cities in today's
Belarus, i.e. Kossovo and Minsk. As of today, there are now forty of Tomek's
films available to you, three more specifically about Jewish life in

The additional towns now represented are Baranavichy (Baranowicze), Hrodna
(Grodno) and Pinsk.

Baranavichy: The Chevra Kadisha of Baranowicze.
Hrodna: Grodno: Papirosn
Pinsk: The People, the Shops, 1900-1939.

I hope you find these films interesting. More than half the forty films now
available to you have to do with Poland, though there are five that deal
with current towns in Belarus and one in the Ukraine.
The films are listed and linked alphabetically and can be found at .

You will also find a few films not associated with any particular town, also
by Tomek:
Chassidim During the Holocaust
Jewish Children of the Holocaust
Jewish Cemeteries until 1945
Snapshots of Genocide

Steven Lasky

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