Philadelphia Marriage Record #general

Adiva Bloch

My great-grandfather, Morris/Moricz/Maurice REICHARD went to Jefferson
Medical School and graduated in 1905. His tombstone says he married in
1905. So I am thinking he got married in PA instead of NY as I
originally thought. I am wondering if there is a search site like the
Steve Morse one for NY where I could see if there is a record in PA? I
am also wondering if anyone knows the area and what Synagogues may
have been around there that they could have gotten married in? I am
trying to figure out what his father's Hebrew name could have been and
a Ketubah could help with that if I could figure out where to locate
one. As I said, I have a picture of the tombstone and there is no
Hebrew information on it at all.

Thanks for any assistance,
Adiva Bloch
Johannesburg, South Africa

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