Boston, Mass questions #general

Paiste, Marsha S. <Marsha.Paiste@...>


I am reading Mary Antin's book The Promised Land with interest because she
immigrated to Boston around the same time as my grandmother and was born in
the same year.

At one point Antin mentions that her sister in the garment industry took a
boat >from Chelsea to her place of employment. Can anyone speculate where
that might be?

My grandfather, a tailor at the time, appears in the Boston city directory in
the 1890s as living on Prince St. and following that [at Taunton] appears.
Could he have commuted to Taunton, perhaps by boat, at that time?

Marsha Starr Paiste
Medford, MA
Researching Starr, Mydans, Mydanski, Ridker

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