Rubin & Anna GOLDBERG of Kolki, Ukraine>Phil>Milw circa 1903-1910 #general


Trying again to locate any information connected to my GOLDBERG grandparents. The
names are all so common, that I have seen many census and other records that
include very similar names, dates etc - but as I go further along in researching
the various families, they don't match at all.

This is what I have been able to document, and then some added anecdotes.
Rubin GOLDBERG b. 15Mar-or Apr-1881 in Kolki, Russia/Poland 1920 Census said from
Valin, so I believe "Kolki Russia" to be Kolki, in Luck, Ukraine, aka Volinskaya,
Volin, Volyn. Arrived 27Nov1903 or 1904 in Philadelphia, via Liverpool, was a
Butcher by trade, and went to his cousin's, Isaac Woogman, at 702 Kater St. (who
just happens to be another jewish-genner, Selma Neubauer's Grandfather / but we've
not yet determined any actual relationship) He died 11April1931 in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. His grave marker lists his father as Simche. (Not known if surname was

His wife, Annie GOLDBERG (aka Anna R Goldberg, aka Chane Goldberg) b.1883 or
15Dec1879 (various birth dates on diff legal docs) Arrived several years later,
10Sept1907, with their eldest son, Leo, (Levi) b. 1May1902. She listed her last
residence as Kolky, Russia and said her passage was paid by Father-in-Law, Schiku
Goldberg, and she was joining her husband in Phil, at 328 Monroe St. She arrived
via Ellis Island, NYC.

They lived in Philadelphia then moved to Racine, Wisconsin and then Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. The family was Orthodox, but I do not think they attended temple
regularly. I tried writing to get info >from the elder, Rabbi Twerski in Milwaukee
before he passed, but he never responded. Rubin listed his occupation in 1922 as
a junk dealer, (Peddler), but they eventually had a store in Milwaukee called the
Sherman Park Grocery, at 52nd and Center streets, just down the block >from their

Their children were:
Leo Goldberg b. 1May1902 in Kolki, Russia (Ukraine) d.bef 1952
Louis Goldberg b. 15June1908 in Philadelphia, PA USA d. 5Nov1952 Milwaukee, WI
Hyman Goldberg b. 10Dev 1909 in Racine, Wisconsin USA d.17Feb1976 Milwaukee, WI
Sidney Goldberg b. 2Aug1910 in Kenosha, Wisconsin USA d. Jun1982 Los Angeles,
Mary Goldberg b.15April1914 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA d. 13Feb1998
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Isadore Goldberg b. 14Jan1916 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA d.21Sept1965
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Meyer Goldberg b. 10Oct1917 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA d. 15Apr1967
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My father was Meyer, married to Audrey. They lived their entire lives in the
Milwaukee area, as did I until this past year when I moved to the Cincinnati area.

Family Notes I can not prove:
1.)"They were never married and they'd taken Annie's last name of Goldberg instead
of his" OR "they were both named GOLDBERG), OR "his may have been GILBERT." (I
think that meant they never had a civil marriage and they used her last name, as
was traditional when no civil marriage was done in Ukraine?).
2.)Per daughter Mary in 1986; she said "grandparents died young; no pictures and
never heard >from them." (I do not think they ever left Ukraine)
3.) "Anna's parents were Morris and Annie Muriel GOLDBERG." (I have no
documentation and only heard this once - not sure who said it or how they knew

Please contact me privately,, if you have any information related
to our family, or post info that may also be useful for others via the newsletter.
I have pictures and a video of grave markers at the Anshai-Lebowitz cemetery, and
some family on my website if interested;

Thank you,
Carolyn GOLDBERG, (Berg) Rutherford

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