Alternate Immigration Modes?? Bernstein from Brest-Litovsk, Siegel from Kapyl #belarus


I am working on genealogy of my wife's family, and having much
difficulty finding the immigration of most of her Belarus ancestors on
the Ellis Island site. For instance, the family of Morris and Esther
(Appelbom) BERNSTEIN and their sons Jacob (born 1895), Louis (born
1903), and Samuel, all said to have immigrated in the early 1900's and
indeed living in Brooklyn. All >from Brest-Litovsk,Grodno, Minsk,
Belarus. Louis, specifically, told his grandson that he came here via
Ellis Island in 1917 with his mother. Yet, despite trying all
permutations, I have been unable to find any of them.
I am having similar trouble with the SIEGEL family >from
Kapyl,Slutsk,Minsk, Belarus (Morris, born 1793, and his mother "Bayle".
Yet other families I find easily. Is there some possible explanation,
i.e. alternate pathways, that would make these Jewish families hard to
trace even though they stated they came through Ellis Island?

Larry Ward

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