Seeking information about Elihau GLEZER of Tel Mond #general

Edwin Parks <edwin.parks@...>


Once again I am seeking the help of my friends at Jewish Gen.

I am seeking any information about Elihau Glezer of Tel Mond in Israel. All
I know is that he served in the British Army's Pioneer Corps, possibly
during the Second World War and certainly between 1945 and 1948, because I
have a medal which has his number Rank and name - PAL/13380 Cpl E Glezer
RPC. I also have a copy of the roll of all those who qualified for the medal
which shows his details and his 1953 address in Tel Mond.

I would like to be able to research him fully but to do that I need to find
out if he is still alive and if not his date of death.

Can anyone help?


Major Edwin Parks
Guernsey GY6 8X

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