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Stewart K. Bernstein <skbernst123@...>


I would appreciate help with the translation of two ViewMate postings,
# 2145 & #1761

I believe that they are two Civil records written in Cyrillic
from the town of Pultusk or Warka, Poland. They may contain the names
of Nestempower or Karczewer.

I thank in advance any help that can be afforded.

Stewart Bernstein
Thousand Oaks, CA

Researching >from Pultusk & Przasnysk/Pruznitz, Poland:
Niestempower, Karsch/Karas, Kierszenbaum, Domb, Dronzek, Zelkowitz,
Zylberberg, Blinkitny, Eichler, Bernstein (some Berns in the U.S./Chicago),

Researching >from Warka/Vurka, Poland:
Karczewa/Karchova, Zelkowtiz

Researching >from Labun/Polonnoye, Ukraine:

Researching >from Nashville, Tennessee:
Rubin (Also Chicago), Shapiri/Shapiro

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