info on DAVIS siblings (fr. Pinsk?)--Sam, Sophie, Bessie, Jack, George, Al, Harry #general

Pablo Julian Davis <pablo.j.davis@...>

Would be grateful for any information on the DAVIS siblings, at least
some of whom were born in Pinsk; I include names of spouses and
offspring where known to me,as well as any other details:

Sophie - married Julius Robinson, had children Bernard and Thelma
Bessie - spouse's name unknown, had daughter Marilyn
Jack - delicatessen man, married Rose, had children Sonny/Irving?,
George - married Sadie, had children Sonny and Florence; widowed,
second marriage to May (Sadie's sister), had son Lee; managed
movie theaters
Al - business executive w/ 20th Century Fox
Harry - married Ann/Frances?, had children Byron and Florence
Sam - b. Oct 15, 1889 in Pinsk, married Sadie Gross, had children
Jerome and Franklin;
Davis's Delicatessen, 31 W. 8th St in the Village, c. 1937-65.
Franklin was my father.

Please reply to Many thanks!!!

Pablo Julian Davis

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