mystery photos; one from Hungary/Slovakia; two from Lodz #general

Debbie Long <d_long@...>

Dear Friends:

I need help with three photos:

1. Can you advise me about the significance of the attire of the two
elderly people in the photo at

They are likely to be my Hungarian great-great-grandparents, but they
were >from an area that is now called Selmeczb√°nya),Slovakia. Does their
attire reflect Jewish custom at the time?

2 and 3. I have two images >from Lodz, Poland of my relatives:

Can anyone identify the possible year or period when this picture was
taken based on the clothing? Also, is the child a boy or girl? What
would you surmise is the relationship between the people in the photo?
Their ages? Why would one of the faces be cut out? Thank you for your
help with the image at

3. Finally, what would you estimate as the year the photo at

was taken? What would you surmise are the ages of the subject and their
relationship? It is possible that the older man is a rabbi, possibly a
well-known rabbi in Lodz with the last name of Zander.

I appreciate your comments!

Debbie Long
Searching for GALAS and DOBRZYNSKI of Lodz
MUNK and WEISZ of Budapest

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