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Sarah L Meyer

"Peter Zavon" <> wrote:
1. Re: Examination at Ellis Island
First Class passengers were landed at the dock, and had a cursory
examination on the boat before going to the dock. They did not go through
the Ellis Island examination process.
According to my mother (z"l) not only were first class passengers exempt >from
examinations at Ellis Island, so were second class passengers. My mother, her
older brother and their mother (for whom I am named) had a second class ticket
because my zeidi did not want them traveling steerage. Apparently my uncle may
have had an eye infection but that was not a problem because they did not "go
through Ellis Island". In fact when I found their manifest both she and my
sister were surprised because "they had not gone through" Ellis Island and were
let off on the dock. I had to explain that the entire manifest was preserved as
an "Ellis Island record". So if your family did not go through Ellis Island
and yet you think that they did not travel first class, think about second class
(today's business class perhaps).

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