Russian Given Names and Patronimics #belarus

Itzhak Epstein

I have been browsing through the JewishGen Belarus Database's
revision lists and am baffled by some of the given names' interpretations.

For instance -- when the transcriber saw an entry for "Yankel Iosel
Abramovich" would (s)he have entered it as "Yankel Iosel" son of
"Abram" or "Yankel" son of "Iosel Abram"? If I see either of these
alternatives without additional clues, should I assume that the other
one is just as plausible?

Similarly -- if on the next line I see a son of the above person
listed as "Vigdor" son of "Yankel Iosel" should I assume that this is
the transcriber's (who saw no patronimic here) interpretation that
could have just as well been "Vigdor" son of "Yankel"?

Itzhak Epstein New York, NY

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