Re: Possible non-existence of a NY City death record #general


I have a similar problem.

My grandfather, Louis LIPOVITCH, died in Brooklyn April 7, 1900, age 34. He
was buried at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn and I have visited his grave.
But I have NOT found his death record on any of the Death Indexes online.
I was hoping to find more info about his birth place, etc >from the record .

I know he had pneumonia and died within a few days. My father always said it
was because he smoked so much and was a cigar maker that his lungs couldn't
resist the pneumonia, so my father made sure no one in his family ever
smoked. Do you think the authorities just weren't so fussy about people
reporting deaths at that time, especially if the deceased didn't die >from a
communicable disease?

I don't know where else to look for a death record. Any suggestions?

Estelle Guttman
Reston VA

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