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A. E. Jordan

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My grandfather, Louis LIPOVITCH, died in Brooklyn April 7, 1900, age 34.
He was buried at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn .....
I don't know where else to look for a death record. Any suggestions?
It was my understanding that the death certificate was required for a
person's burial. So in most cases I have worked on we ultimately find the
death certificate with a little more hunting.

First off consider -- did the person really die in the local area? Could
they had been traveling outside the city/area? Could they have lived
someplace else but been buried somewhere else?

If you can not find the grave have you considered where other family
members are buried?

Try twisting the name far and wide and don't be too concerned about the
age. Remember the age is whatever the informant tells them when the
certificate is being filed.

And now for this specific person's question:
Have you explored could he have been living in New Jersey? I have seen
graves at Washington >from congregations in Northern New Jersey. Not sure why
or how it happened but I know that a Hoboken, NJ temple had its plot in
Washington in Hoboken.

Another possibility would be to check obits >from The New York Times or
other newspapers to see if you can find more information.

And since you have the date of death you might try looking at the actual
death certificates which are organized by date. You could look at the
actual certificates on the microfilms and see if you can spot it with a spelling
problem or such that makes it invisible in the index.

Allan Jordan

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