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Rosanne Leeson wrote on 27 aug 2010 in soc.genealogy.jewish:
I am in possession of a small family memento, a 2-inch silver dish inscribed
as a remembrance of a family member's 70th birthday. The date is given as:
4. Shabat 5687.
I have figured out that the year is 1927, which does indeed correspond with
her date of birth, which was 1857. No more precise date was given me.
I think 1926.

The 7th month >from Nissan [start of the ecclesiastical year] is Tishrei
even though it is the first month of the civil year.

Because it is the 7th it is called the "Shabbos month".

Then this would be 4 Tishrei 5687.

5687 + 240 - 4000 = 1927

However as this is after! Roshhashone, it must be one common era year earlier:
[5770 starts in 2009 and ends in 2010.]


12 Sept 1926 before sunset.

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