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Hello Fellow Researchers,
I searched the website that Zev provided and did not turn up someone whom I know
arrived in Rio in 1865. That person is listed in the book discussed below, which
covers persons arriving by ship in Rio de Janeiro only >from the United States
between 1865 and 1890.
To find lists of libraries holding a book that you want,use In this case, search for
Such a search in WorldCat will even yield an English-language guide to using
this Portuguese book and list the libraries where the book is available.
Both books might be available in other libraries as well since not all libraries
participate in WorldCat. There are different levels of participation so some
U. S. libraries which do participate will not show up in some searches but will
in a subscriber version of WorldCat. Ask your local reference librarian about
this subscriber version.
Locations listed can be around the world but only >from particpants so persons
outside the United States should search for the equivalent search engine for
their own country. For example, see for German-speaking countries and many
For Poland and some other libraries, around the world, specializing in Polish
holdings, see
There are many other websites of this nature, including those that offer access
to all of the national libraries in Europe or even around the world.
See and (Not every country in the world is
listed, but many are.)
I hope that this information helps many people searching for "North Americans"
who sailed to Rio de Janeiro during this period.
Edward Luft

From: Zev Griner Wed, 1 Sep 2010 Check this site
From: David Schreiber <dbschreiber@...>Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010
Does anyone on this list happen to know if there is anyway to find passenger lists
of immigrants who entered Brazil >from 1880 to about 1900?

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