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Alexander Sharon

"Ann Linder" <annlinder2009@...> wrote

Kitty was deported >from France to Auschwitz. On the deportation record it
records her birth as May 14, 1906 & her birthplace in French as Strazu but
likely was misspelled.
My mother recalls that there was a town nearby Sosnowiec with a similar
name that had a military base.
On Jewishgen I found a couple of possibilities, one being close to
Yiddish pronunciation:
Strzyzow, Poland, 4952'N 2148'E; 271 km SSE of Warszawa
Brucha, Kitty's mother, was originally >from Stopnice and when Brucha
married perhaps she married a man >from Strazu. Stopnice is 5026'N 2057'E;
202 km S of Warszawa

I would love to find birth indexes for the time period c.1900-1921 if
they exist for Kitty and her siblings.
Any thoughts on Strazu? and the military base location?
Dear Ann,

I am wondering if towns Sosnowiec and Stopnica are not confused.
Town Strazow is located in Rzeszow vicinity (and close to Stopnica listed
in your message) but Sosnowiec is not nearby

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

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