Re: Advice on FTM 2010 #general

Allan Karan

Jim Bennett [mailto:bennett@...] wrote:
After six months of frustration I simply went out and found a new 32 bit
Toshiba, installed Windows XP, and then FTW 2006, and now I'm happy and
contented, and able to do the kind of work that I love....
Before everyone who wants to run FTM 2006 and bought a 64bit Windows 7
computer and goes out and buys a 32bit Windows XP, try installing XP mode on
your 64bit Windows 7 computer or get someone to do it for you. This will
save you >from using two computers and some money.

Allan S. Karan
White Plains, NY

KARAN, CHARON, KHARAKH and KNIGER (Kopyl; Grozovo; Chepeli; Slutsk in
Belarus),PERSKY (Kremenchuk, Ukraine); EPSTEIN (Kobrin, Belarus)

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